BUCKET LIST: Holiday Carolers at Lamb’s club in New York City

Some days are perfect.

A benefit of being an empty nester is that you can sneak out of town for a quick weekend trip.

Saturday morning Holiday Carolers brunch at Lamb’s club was worth the four hour flight and two time zone changes. The crowd ranged from toddlers to couples in their 80s. The Ladies Who Lunch crowd was out in force and eating monster size burgers and fries. (Who says NY women in their fifties don’t eat?)

Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s Eggs Benedict (Maple Braised Bacon, Cabot Cheddar Biscuit, with Béarnaise on the side) was so much better than the classic English Muffin and Canadian Bacon.  The bacon was a 1/2 inch thick and as tender as brisket.

The restaurant’s throwback vibe reminded me of Bar Hemingway at the Paris Ritz. The carolers strolled amoung the tables taking requests. The foursome did a lovely rendition of, “Good King Wenceslas” for our table.


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When my life insurance salesman said that I should expect to live to 125, I figured I'd better make the most of it! Being single with an empty nest is an adventure with unlimited possibilities. It can also be lonely and a little bit scary. Join me on the other side of this life.

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