Change after 50: Transformation from Night Owl to Morning Person

Woohoo! I just finished my 5:15am workout at Orange Theory. For me, this workout is better than coffee to make my little old lady self feel like a badass. But this post isn’t about working out, it’s about change and motivation.

I am not a natural morning person. I tried so many strategies to wake up and work out before 5am and failed. I would hit the snooze button 6 times, and say, “Just kidding,” to the alarm clock each time it buzzed.

Then I found Mel Robbins’ The Five Elements of the 5 second rule. I read it and thought that it sounded way too simple.

When the alarm starts buzzing, say:

Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Launch

Then roll to sitting, swing your legs to the floor and slide out of bed. Then keep moving.

Her method sounded way too good to be true, but I tried it, it worked and I’ve used it every day since. After 6 months, I began waking up on my own at 4:30 am. Now I am kind of a morning person and my workouts are done by 6:15 am.

To me, a sunrise signals an opportunity for new beginnings. A morning person is lucky enough to see unlimited possibilities every day. The picture is on a morning back country ski outing a few days ago, not outside of Orange Theory. The winter sunrise is so beautiful in the mountains that I had to share.

I am grateful for Mel Robbins. She took the time to share her simple method to change and it worked for me.

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When my life insurance salesman said that I should expect to live to 125, I figured I'd better make the most of it! Being single with an empty nest is an adventure with unlimited possibilities. It can also be lonely and a little bit scary. Join me on the other side of this life.

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