“The Radishes Changed My Life”

I didn’t make that up, but after reading, “The Radishes Changed My Life” in a Yelp review, I was intrigued. I’ve never looked to garnishes for life altering moments, but maybe I was missing the boat.

We shared three dishes: Sunchokes, Mushrooms and Radishes (lower right). Presentation and flavors were out of this world.  And maybe, just maybe, the Yelp reviewer was right.  A beautiful and delicious meal does change your life and that’s why food is a hobby for so many people.


1600 15th St, Denver, CO 80202


One of the women I’ve worked with for most of my career lost her 16 year old son to cancer last night.

She held herself together and continued to be the best mother. She provided care and comfort to her child first, everyone else second. I don’t think caring for herself even occurred to her. I’ve never seen such strength.

Full stop.