Dating at 50 – pre-game

Reflecting back.

I was alone. I had started a construction project and was sitting on my stripped plywood floor. Living in that moment was stark, but felt clean and new. I was at the end of my self-imposed 6 month break from men and about to begin my search for my soulmate. If he existed, I planned to find him.

I’d read that if you want to find the man of your dreams, you have to be very specific about what you want. I sharpened my pencil and wrote:

Dear Universe,

I spent my life raising a family and working hard at my career. I am happy with my life but I have one wish. Please help me find my soulmate. He is handsome, clever, mentally and physically fit, kind and very generous. I will love him exactly the way he is and he will love me exactly as I am.

Thank you.

I lit a candle and meditated as it burned. With closed eyes I concentrated on my wish, making sure that I knew exactly who I was looking for. After ten minutes, I reached for my phone and downloaded Bumble.

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When my life insurance salesman said that I should expect to live to 125, I figured I'd better make the most of it! Being single with an empty nest is an adventure with unlimited possibilities. It can also be lonely and a little bit scary. Join me on the other side of this life.

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