MOCA – Los Angeles

I try to visit Modern Art Museums when traveling. MOCA did not disappoint.

Manny Farber’s “One Day at a Time – Termite Art” exhibit was intense. It’s called termite art because the subject matter conveys the artists journey through ordinary objects displaying deep attention to details while eating its own boundaries.

I had a hard time with the violence woven into his paintings. That said, art is about evoking emotion.

“Honeymoon Killers” even by name is cringe worthy. Bliss and terror are juxtaposed in a single canvas. Once seen, you can’t unsee.

His response to trust

As I watched the sunset in Hollywood I read:

I’m sorry I’ve hurt you. So deeply. Brought you into my life… Maybe too early. But I do love you.

I am spinning. This is at times just too much. I’ve never ever felt this kind of despair. I can’t give you what you deserve. I am spread too thin.

This is not your fault. You didn’t ask for this. You just love me. You are beautiful.

You told me “I need you”. I responded “I want you to need me.”
Those may be two of the most vulnerable/commitment words we’ve ever used. I fear I am failing you. Failing my own commitment.

I can’t give you what you want now. And it’s tearing us apart.